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Performs juggling and flying trapeze.

Carlos is from Chile and was born into the circus life and has travelled the world with his family from the age of 2.

He comes from a family of jugglers, acrobats and flying trapeze artists.


Performs aerial silks and flying trapeze.

Valeria is from Chile and was born into the circus life and loves to perform.

At the age of 6, she began training in these skills and by the age of 12, she performed her first performance in a Flying Trapeze act with her brothers and cousins.



Jane is from England and her family joined Ashtons Circus in 1973.

Jane has performed many acts, including web, Russian Swing, Single Trapeze as well as Flying Trapeze, Rag Doll and Dental Act.

She met and married her husband in the circus and have 7 children and 12 grandchildren.


Performs Aerial Lyra and Flying Trapeze.

Ali loves performing with after school classes with Circus Monoxide in Wollongong NSW and then onto Flying Trapeze classes in Sydney on the weekends.

Ali has been travelling with Lennon Bros Circus for 6 years and has travelled abroad performing and also teaching in Circus camps.


Performs the Globe of Death.

Welinton is a fourth-generation circus performer from Brazil.

Welinton started to learn the famous Globe of Death when he was only 12 years old and has been performing it ever since.

Welinton went onto to perform this very daring act in countries including Germany, France, England, Ireland, Romina, Hungary and Dubai and now is very excited to explore this beautiful country of Australia.


Performs Single Trapeze, Spanish Web and stands for the Globe of Death.

Kate started her circus journey at a young age on the Gold Coast with Trix Circus and has gone onto perform for some of Australias best Circuses including Ashton Entertainment, Circus Phoniex and Burtons Circus.

Kate is excited to be currently on tour with Lennon Bros for 2020 to entertain people with her dazzling aerial acts.


Performs High Wire and Flying Trapeze.

Chonco is our newest edition to Lennon Bros from Mexico.

Chonco was born into the circus in Mexico and at the age of 6 he started training the trampoline and at 7 the Flying Trapeze followed by the High Wire in which he performed with his family.

Chonco has travelled to many countries such as China, Malaysia, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Chile, India and Colombia.

Lennon Bros is happy to have Chonco on our 2020 tour!


Geoffrey is 5th Generation and the eldest of 4 brothers.

Geoffrey had many talents in his performing years from Flying Trapeze, Clowning, Double Wheel Of Death and presenting various Animal Acts.

Geoffrey has now retired and assists with his knowledge for his wife Cheryl.


Cheryl met Geoffrey whilst Lennons was on tour in Tasmania in 1979.

After travelling backwards and forwards to the Circus Cheryl had acquired the love of the Circus and left the Island with Lennons.

Cheryl married Geoffrey in 1983 and went onto have 2 daughters Melanie and Charlene.

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