About Us

Lennon Bros Circus is the oldest touring circus in Australia. 125 years ago, it started as a Buck jump show and has evolved into the sophisticated circus production witnessed today.

The circus is currently run by 5th generation brothers Geoff & Warren with 5th and 6th generations of the family represented in the program.

Lennon Bros Circus is one of only two circuses left in Australia with big cats in the program. The three lions at Lennon’s are now 14 years of age: two females and one male from different litters. They were born and bred in the circus, and are in fact 12th generation born and bred in Australia.


Other animals appearing in the show include:

  • Liberty Ponies
  • Miniature pony
  • Camels
  • Mini Donkeys

The Lennon family employs a staff of 30 people, ranging in age from 3 to 65 years. To enable this large operation to move around Australia (by no means a small feat), we have 14 trucks, 5 semi trailers and 14 caravans.

The Lennon family is very proud of their Australian heritage and aim to utilize the best of Australia performers as well as overseas artists. Be captivated by the antics of the clowns, awed by the majesty of the lions, and the daring of the aerialists.


Do not miss the fast paced Lennon Bros Circus production when it comes to your town!